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VA-50 Virtual Agent


VA-50 is a kiosk client application for Microsoft Lync, as an alternative Lync terminal in a kiosk with touch screen, it will work as an agent to enable the communication between guests and company employees wherever they are. It is designed to provide new ways of customer service through video conferencing access to expert advisors and agents within the enterprise through any touch device. VA-50 provides quick access to information delivered in real time with audio and video capabilities built on Microsoft Lync at no cost for the end-users and operated by employees connected to Lync with any end-point." Visit Developer's site




VA-50 provides quick access to information that is delivered in real time and with audio and video capabilities built on Microsoft Lync. The service will be at no cost for the end-users and it will be operated by employees who are connected to Lync with any end-point. Wherever the trained, professional customer services or helpdesk specialists are, they can still communicate with their clients to provide information, solve issues, or answer their enquiries.

VA-50 is aimed at increasing natural interaction, and integrating the power of Lync communication channels and video-conferencing with touch screens in public areas and business premises. Connecting people regardless of the physical presence of the helpdesk or front office staff will add a more advanced technology built of Microsoft Lync and its unified communications capabilities.

It is easy to use with an intuitive interface that helps the end-user navigate easily through the contacts and departments. The user then can look for the appropriate assistance, seek the desired employees, or set appointments conveniently.

Enriching the customer service and customer-driven interaction can leave the kiosk users with a great, memorable experience as the kiosks can be installed in front offices, malls, or underground stations.

Welcome Company Guests - welcome company guests with a screen displays some informative videos and animations or static text about the company.

Guest Request to Contact - VA-50 in the reception will help guests to request to contact with one of the company employees audio/video/IM to deliver a package, arrange for a meeting, or ask questions.

Emergency Calls - Lync terminal being available in shopping malls and centers or any other public place will help visitors to do emergency calls.

Customer Service - Telecom companies can offer customer service calls anywhere to their customers.